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My Story

My headaches worsened and eventually one day I realized the eyesight in my right eye was deteriorating so my mother immediately took me into see the optician where they spotted pressure and referred me to a hospital for a brain scan.

The results came back that I had a brain tumour leaning heavily on my optical nerve. We were terrified. The tumour had damaged eyesight in both of my eyes but the right eye was the worst of both. I had my first of eight operations on Monday 27th November 1995. They got the majority of the tumour but a tiny amount still remained.

Me and Joanne O'Riordan

Following years of battling the tumour I am here to tell my story and show you that nothing is impossible and you are capable of more than you think. After all life is for living so why can't you or I do whatever we want regardless of disability.

Everybody has something they'd like to achieve in life but some things just aren't fundamentally possible however there are endless amount of things you can do so don't let the things you can't do stop you from achieving what you can.

With the support of family and friends I developed tenacity and courage to persevere and succeed at what I could do with my life as it was.

I've skied many times in Austria improving each year moving higher and higher up the mountain. I've para-glided off mountain tops and have skydived from a plane at 12,000 feet.

Paragliding in Austria

These are only some things that I thought a blind person would never be able to do but I proved that attitude wrong. After completing my college studies the tumour struck again so I was out of action for a long period.

First ski trip on apreski with the gang

I bounced back though, dusted myself off and repeated the studies. After graduating, my long search for employment began and my determination was finally rewarded. I had finally gotten myself a good job within a very reputable Irish company. I made the blindness learn to live with me!

Speaking with a class of schoolchildren

I never would have envisaged myself doing what I have done or what I am currently doing. I never imagined I'd be the one encouraging people not to waste valuable time focusing on the negative but instead encouraging them to devote more time improving on their own positives in life. I never thought I'd be doing this but here I am.