My trip to Australia

5 September 2018

I booked a trip over to Perth to see some close relations and close friends. A long time waiting but well worth the wait. Sure I’d really been waiting years for opportunity to go since my early 20’s when a lot of my friends went over to Oz. As I said though it was well worth the wait! I was travelling over 20 hours looking forward to catching up, exciting trip and the adventure of what was awaiting on the other side of the globe. Of course questions did cross my mind like would I sleep on the flight? Will it be really long and boring? I had travelled before on my own so I wasn’t worried about difficulty getting assistance through the Airports and on to connecting flights but this was the longest flight so far. So I went to Dublin Airport, checked in got assistance to gate and eagerly waited for gates to open. It was a massive plane. I took my comfortable seat and was greeted by a really nice South African Air Hostess named Sarah. Sarah was more than helpful bringing me down a drink, dinner, assisting me with the TV and basically anything else if needed. We got chatting throughout the 7 and half hour flight. After landing in Dubai Sarah insisted on walking with me into the huge terminal. I was greeted and assisted to my next gate by a local Dubai airport ground Stewart. Unfortunately he had no personality! The 2 hour wait for my connecting flight went quickly and before I knew it I was sitting in another comfortable plane with a 10 and a half hour journey ahead of me. I watched a bit of TV, listened to a few audio books, eat some lovely food and had a few cold beers. Before I knew it I had woken up with only a short flight left. I got off, went through security, collected my bags and into arrivals where I met Amy and David! It was great, finally landing in Australia. I stayed with Amy and David for my first week, catching up with them and catching up on my jetlag too of course! We went around Perth to visit different places and have a few beers, try different food and soak up the local atmosphere. We also met up with Amy’s cousin Aiden and his wife Shannon. It was great to catch up with them too.

David and I decided to take it a step further and go swimming with Sharks, Manta Rays and giant turtles in a massive aquarium at Hillary’s marina. We weren’t in a cage! It was a terrifying but an amazing experience, the adrenalin rush was unbelievable swimming beside 2.8 metre sharks? Crazy stuff! Before getting into the tank the guide told us that all the animals in the tank are hand-reared so are well use to swimming with humans, did it put me at ease? Not at all but I’d highly recommend trying it folks! We did so much in that first week, chatting to Parrots, petting Kangaroos, feeding Koalas, beer festival, walking through wine vineyards and just having a super time. The second and third week I stayed with my cousins Dean and Aaron and there partners. They had a lovely house and a lovely swimming pool too! I kept having to remind myself throughout the whole holiday that I was actually on the other side of the globe! It was so surreal. It was brilliant to see them all. We all met up then at the Asscott races, it was Irish day and a hot day too! Relaxing in Dean and Yvonne’s house with Aaron and Christine was fantastic, soaking up the sun while sitting by the pool and eating nice food, “Ah sure where would you get it!”. We also went into the city to have a look around and again soak up some more of that fantastic buzz in perth on the West Coast of Oz, meeting my cousins neighbours and friends, having BBQ’s, laughing and joking and just having the what us Irish know as the craic. It was such an amazing holiday and I would highly recommend a trip to Perth. Don’t let things get in your way, if you can save the money and find the time then go and enjoy. There’s nothing stopping you!

Stand Up

20 June 2019

I've been listening to different radio shows over the years, particularly night time radio talk shows on FM104. Last Monday 17th June I decided to email the Sunday Night Live show telling them some information on what I do re Motivational Speaking and recently stand-up comedy. On my way home from a gig in Newbridge I was thrilled to get a phone call from Shireen, Sunday Night Live Show presenter inviting me to come into studio and have a chat on air. I'm due to go into the FM104 studios on Saturday so I'm really looking forward to that. Cheers Shireen!

13/05/2020 Surreal times.

You and I and I’m sure many others too are finding the current times frustrating to say the least. Forced out of our "Normal" routines and finding it difficult to switch our focus. The fact is that we all have the ability to switch our focus to what we Can do in these surreal times. Stop for a moment, look around you and think of what You Can do to occupy your time and mind. Utilise the time to do what you don’t normally have time to do because you’re working or too busy running around doing other things. Why not contact a relative or friend for a catch up, there’s many ways to do so now with the phones and technology we have, read that book you’ve been meaning to read for so long now, paint, learn an instrument, go for a walk etc. These are only examples, but you know yourself what you’d like to do and what You Can do. Do what needs to be done, stay safe, keep the chin up and we’ll all get through this together at the earliest. Remember you’re not alone If you’re feeling lonely or down, then please do not be afraid to reach out and talk. These services are here to confidentially listen to You and assist You in times of need.

Senior Help Line Open 10am to 10pm every day. 1850 440 444 PIETA HOUSE 24 Open hours 1800247247

Catch you soon


It's now the second day of the first phase of Corona "Lockdown". It's off to a promissing start. I noticed more cars on the road and more activity going on outside. Personally I'm optimistic and I Can see things looking up for us, the people of the country. 1 part of the first phase was that now 4 people from separate housholds can meet now once they practice social distancing. I'm looking forward to meeting some of my friends this weekend. If the weather remains good then we'll sit in the garden and have a few beers and have a chat and a laugh with some music playing too of course!

Take care and enjoy.


Hi folks, I hope you're all keeping well. Now the 80th day of Irelands "Lock down". Personally, I've been working on my autobiography and learning to play guitar. It looks like our government are getting some sort of control on this pandemic. The number of Coronavirus deaths and cases are continuing to fall. Phase 2 of Irelands recovery looks like It Will go ahead as planned on Monday 8th June. Continued results promisses the recovery phases completed and We Will see ourselves back to better times. Until then stay safe, stay active and keep the head up.